DVD 1 – The Perfect shot

-5.5 hours in length.
-1280×720 (720p) video resolution.
-Data DVDs compatible with MAC or PC (the DVD will not play in a regular DVD player; it must be played in a computer).

-The total size for all files is 8 GB.

70% of the video is theory – explaining what is and isn’t important in making a beautiful picture. This is done by Daniel’s explanations in-studio and on location, all with image examples. The other 30% is behind-the-scenes footage from two weddings and two engagement sessions, along with Daniel’s commentary and explanations of particular situations and challenges during those shoots. Along with the video, you will receive:
-all images that were taken at the wedding, unedited (literally every image. None have been deleted. The good and the bad). Images sized to 600×400 pixels.
-all images that the client receives (edited). Images sized to 600×400 pixels.
-the ‘favorites’ that make it to the blog (fully-edited). Images sized to 1200×800 pixels.

>>>IMPORTANT: The DVDs are ideal for photographer with less than 3 years of professional experience. Daniel teaches his complete theory, which means that some of the things he talks about are very basic (example: which lenses to use), while other parts are quite advanced (example: how to deal with difficult couples). Therefore if you’re a professional photographer with over 3 years of experience, it is very likely that you will already know about some or much of what Daniel teaches on this DVD. However, this does not mean that the DVD is not for you; it simply means you’ll need to skim over the more ‘basic’ parts and enjoy the more advanced material. Also, please understand that Daniel’s approach is very simple. And that is what you should expect – very simple techniques that produce stunning results.<<<

Topics covered (theory section):
(1) TECHNICAL: Focusing, exposure, cameras, lenses, etc.
Daniel goes in depth explaining what equipment a professional photographer needs, and what to buy if you’re on a budget. Also, you will learn on how to make sure your images are always perfectly focused and exposed, even in the most chaotic of situations.
(2) COMPOSITION: apertures, shutters, framing, lens selection, focal lengths, etc.
The more artistic side of equipment talk. You will learn which lenses are best for people photography, at what aperture one must photograph, how to learn framing so that it’s intuitive, and where to draw inspiration to produce stunning photographs.
(3) LIGHTING: very in depth lighting theory with numerous examples and explanation. 95% natural light theory, 5% brief flash photography theory.
Daniel’s style largely depends on lighting, and so he goes in depth to explain how he uses natural light to produce creamy skin tones and amazing colors. You’ll learn how to light on sunny days, cloudy days, and after it is dark.
(4) SUBJECT: location, interaction with couples, posing, styling, natural smiles, theory of being “photogenic”, etc.
A photographer can know everything about equipment and lighting, but if the couple in front of the camera doesn’t look good – the picture will be a disaster. Learn what makes a person attractive, and make regular people feel and look beautiful.

Topics covered (behind the scenes):
(1) Engagement A – fashion styled engagement session, with emphasis on helping the couple feel comfortable in front of the camera and discussion about the building blocks of a ‘perfect shoot’.
(2) Engagement B – life-infused engagement session, with emphasis on natural smiles & laughs, images that show affection, and a sweet approach to styling.
(3) Wedding A – 12 hour wedding in Mexico in 108F heat on 3 hours of sleep. Focus on dealing with adversary and achieving high results in the most challenging conditions.
(4) Wedding B – outdoor backyard country wedding in perfect weather. Discussion about the building blocks of ‘perfect wedding photography’.

Topics NOT covered
(1) How to photograph in Manual Mode. You are expected to know this.
(2) Flash photography. Well, only very little is covered about flash photography. Almost everything else is a focus on natural light photography.
(3) Anything that is not mentioned under “topics covered” is probably not in the DVD. If you have questions, please contact us.