DVD 2 – The perfect edit

-7.5 hours in length.
-1280×720 (720p) video resolution.
-Data DVDs compatible with MAC or PC (the DVD will not play in a regular DVD player; it must be played in a computer).

-The total size for all files is 9 GB.

20% workflow, 80% Photoshop. This DVD covers every step of Daniel’s workflow and editing. All of the video is a screen capture of Daniel’s monitor as he explains his techniques and edits two images. Along with the tutorial, you will receive the Photoshop (.psd) files of the edits, as well as the RAW (.cr2) files of those images. This will allow the viewer to not only see what Daniel does, but also follow along with the editing.

>>>IMPORTANT: The DVDs are ideal for photographers with less than 3 years of professional experience. Daniel teaches his complete theory, which means that some of the things he talks about are very basic (example: basic color correction in Lightroom), while other parts are quite advanced (example: skin retouching). Therefore if you’re a professional photographer with over 4 years of professional experience, it is very likely that you will already know about some or much of what Daniel teaches on this DVD. However, this does not mean that the DVD is not for you; it simply means you’ll need to skim over the more ‘basic’ parts and enjoy the more advanced material. Also, please understand that Daniel’s approach is very simple. And that is what you should expect – very simple techniques that produce stunning results.<<<

Topics covered:

(1) Image backup & showcasing
(2) Choosing a few best images from thousands
(3) Adobe Lightroom color correction (basic techniques)
(4) Image presentation and packaging
(5) Album design and printing

(1) Layers Masks
(2) “Manual HDR” – making image exposure even
(3) Skin retouching & softening
(4) Sharpening
(5) Selective color correction
(6) Contrast and saturation
(7) Eye and teeth whitening
(8) Black & white conversion
(9) Various filters and plugins Daniel uses
(10) Dealing with skin redness
(11) Blending modes and combining images with textures.
(12) much more.

Topics not covered:
(1) How to use Adobe Lightroom. You are expected to know how to use the program. Daniel only briefly explains how he uses the program to do basic color correction.
(2) Basic Photoshop. You are expected to know how Photoshop works, including layers & basic adjustments
(3) In depth album design. Only a brief segment is dedicated to album design.