Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Question 1 – Is this DVD going to be too ADVANCED for me?

    Answer: The DVD is intended for professionals, but if you're a [really] serious hobbyist, there is not reason why you can't learn the same material as professionals do. The good news is even though the material is not easy, it is simple. The minimum requirement is that you must know how to do basic photography and own a DSLR (a “DSLR” is the “professional” camera that allows you to switch between different lenses). You must know how to Photograph in Manual Mode and to do basic Lightroom and Photoshop adjustments (of course you have to at least own Photoshop to buy DVD 2; since Photoshop is 80% of DVD 2). If you know that much, you should be fine. One of the reasons the DVD is long, is because Daniel takes time explaining each aspect carefully and in detail.
  • 2. Question 2 – Is this DVD going to be too BASIC for me?

    Answer: Since Daniel teaches his complete theory, some or many parts of the DVD may be something a professional photographer already knows. However, if you do not know how to achieve the same results Daniel does, either in picture taking or editing, then this DVD is right for you. You may need to skip over some parts that you feel are “too basic” for you, but you will still learn Daniel’s approach to photography and how to achieve the same results.
  • 3. (Refund Policy) Question 3 – If I don’t like the DVD, can I return it and get my money back?

    Answer : Unfortunately - no.  We will only make a refund if we do not deliver the promised product (the DVDs).  Before purchasing the DVD, please read all the information about the tutorial and watch the sample videos. If you are still confused, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.
  • 4. Question 4 – How can I order the DVD?

    Answer: You can either order an actual physical DVD or an Instant Download. Both can be done with payment through PayPal or a credit card.
  • 5. Question 5 – Which countries do you ship the video to?

    Answer: Physical DVDs can be shipped to United States, Canada, and Mexico. Downloads can be purchased anywhere in the world.
  • 6. Question 6 – Should I make copies of the tutorial and give them to my friends?

    Answer: We’ve spent literally hundreds of hours making the tutorial, revealing photography techniques that took years to learn. So no, please don’t copy the videos and share them with your friends. We would be very grateful if you purchased the videos legally.
  • 7. Question 7 – Will the DVD work in my DVD player?

    Answer: No, it will only work on a computer: MAC or PC. This is a “data DVD”, not a regular DVD.
  • 8. Question 8 – What is the download size for each DVD?

    Answer: "The Perfect Shot" is about 8 GB in size, and "The Perfect Edit" is about 9 GB in size.  Please make sure you have a fast internet connection before purchasing the downloads of the DVDs.  If you have a 50 MB connection, it will take you about 2 hours to download both DVDs. If your connection is around 2 MB, it will take you over a day to make the download.
  • 9. Question 9 – I want to learn how to use off camera flashes. Will you be covering flash photography?

    Answer: Very little will be covered in regards to flash photography. If you’d like to learn about flash photography, we recommend you purchase Zack Arias’ “One Light” tutorial (http://zackarias.com/workshop/onelight-dvd/)