meet daniel usenko

Daniel Usenko was born and raised in Russia, but immigrated to the United States in 1996; he currenly lives in Seattle WA.  Daniel has been photographing for the last 7 years, focusing on people photography, particularly on weddings and lifestyle.  Self taught, he developed a style that is very unique – mixing fashion with a natural approach, allowing regular people to look like models in their pictures.  His editing style highlights this by producing amazing colors and perfect, yet believable skin tones.
Daniel has shared his secrets at his workshops in the United States, Mexico, and Canada, receiving praise for the simplicity and effectiveness of the photography approach he teaches. During one such workshop in Mexico in mid 2011, Daniel and Pamela Barron Cobo decided to produce two tutorial DVDs which would explain Daniel’s techniques and philosophy in depth.Over the course of the following summer and fall, with the help of Impel Visuals and many Red Bulls, the DVD is finally here.  It is available both in English and Spanish.