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People are beautiful.  Unfortunately capturing beauty is something many photographers don’t know how to do well, especially when they are working with regular people.  At the same time, brides want their pictures to be as perfect as the wedding magazines they flip through.  Beauty is very valued in our society, and couples will pay thousands of dollars to look beautiful in their pictures.  On the other hand, photographers that don’t know how to achieve great results will seldom be successful.

In these 2 tutorial DVDs you will learn how to take beautiful photographs where regular people look simply amazing.  I share the complete process of my photography – everything from equipment & lighting, to client interaction & natural smiles, to skin retouching & blogging. I had two main goals for this DVD: first, I wanted to share important information crucial to taking amazing pictures, but present it in a simple, understandable way. And second, I wanted to show the actual step-by-step process of what I do exactly to make my photos look the way they look. It’s all here, everything I know – my wedding photography tutorial.  -Daniel Usenko

The tutorial is intended for professionals and [very] serious amateurs that are committed to improving their photography. It is most ideal for photographers with under three years of professional experience. Please browse the “FAQ” and “INFO” pages to find out more about the DVD, and to make sure it is right for you. Below you will find more details about the video, including the topics covered in each DVD. You will also find 4 free sample clips from the tutorials.


DVD 1 – The perfect shot

Photographing Beauty in People
5.5 hours of instruction on “how to take a perfect shot”.  Daniel discusses the 5 building blocks of a perfect photograph, teaching through lecture, examples, and on site demonstrations.  The second part of the DVD includes four unique behind-the-scenes videos of real photo shoots, with Daniel’s commentary about particular situations and challenges. To read a more detailed description of the DVD, please click on the “INFO” button at the very top of this page.
Below are two clips from the DVD 1 tutorial. The first is segment from the “lighting on a cloudy day” lessons.  The second clip contains segments from the “natural emotions” lesson and behind the scenes video of ‘wedding B’.

DVD 2 – The perfect edit

Photoshop & Workflow
7.5 hours of instruction on the complete editing process.  Daniel explains every single step of his editing, and shows exactly what he does to make his images look the way they do.  No secrets are hidden.  You will learn Daniel’s workflow and the Photoshop techniques he implements.  For a more detailed description of the DVD, including “topics covered”, please click on “INFO” at the very top of this page.
Below are two clips from DVD 2.  The first is an explanation of Layer Masks and making the exposure even on an image. Since Layer Masks is something that Daniel uses very often, this is a very crucial lesson. The second is a part of the Skin Retouching lesson, which explains the first step in perfecting the skin tones.
Wedding photography with style, Daniel has the power to produce lovely editorial pictures with every couple. Beautiful, sophisticated & timeless photography from this Russian dude.

Rockstar Photographer
Top 10 in “Fearless Photographers”

his images are so full of life. so full of emotion. of visual connection and vibrant colour that they almost seem to jump from the screen. they grab your attention and give you this beautiful glimpse into each and everyone of his couples relationship. Daniel has this amazing ability to bring out beauty in everything he photographs. his work goes far beyond the simple click of a shutter. he is truly an artist and it's been an incredible journey to watch him grow.

“Top 5 Photographers in Canada”, named by Photolife Magazine

This DVD is a rare find and worth every penny. Stellar photography with honest and easy explanations.

Judge at WPPI Photo Competitions
Grand Award Winner (WPPI)
“Top 10 Photographers in Canada”, named by Canadian Wedding Photography Industry Awards.

Being a photographer could be very challenging and implies a huge commitment. It is always important to keep growing and learning from other photographers' work and experience. Daniel Usenko is a clear example of a wonderful soul with truly inspiring work willing to share it with us. Let's be part of this experience

Top 10 in ISPWP
Top 10 in “Fearless photographers”

DVD 1 – The Perfect shot

5.5 hours of theory and examples, explaining Daniel Usenko’s techniques on “how to take a perfect photograph”. You will also receive all images from four behind the scenes shoots.

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DVD 2 – The Perfect edit

7.5 hours of Daniel Usenko’s editing process, explaining “how to edit a photograph so that it looks perfect”. Photoshop and workflow. You will also receive two Photoshop (.psd) files of the edits, and RAW (.cr2) files for the same images.

Regular Price $225 USD / Sale price $225 USD

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